Essential Skills for Operators and Inspectors

Certificate Program



Spring 2020

This training certificate program presents modern inspection methods and offers hands-on activities with essential measuring instruments so that participants will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively manufacture and efficiently inspect quality parts. The training is designed to enable participants to interpret technical drawings and specifications, including geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GDT) symbols. Learn the skills necessary to produce or inspect consistent parts within dimensional limits, all within the context of understanding the fundamentals of quality.

Program Topics include:
1. Blueprint Reading
2. Inspection Using GD&T
3. Precision Measurement
4. Introduction to Quality

Participants can sign up for individual classes or take the whole program.
Full Program Fee (10% discount): $1,890 ($945 with grant funding)*
*Grant funding may be available to reduce training costs for eligible companies. Contact us for details.

Program Benefits:
  • Improve communication and cooperation between Production, Engineering, Quality, and Sales functions
  • Reduce lead time for inspections
  • Improve prediction of variation effects on product function and manufacturing efficiency
  • Improve control of production processes

Who Should Attend: Machine operators, quality control inspectors, group leaders and supervisors, manufacturing personnel, and sales staff.

Prerequisite: Participants must have skills in the application of basic math operations to solve typical manufacturing and drawing interpretation problems.

Blueprint Reading

An introduction to the interpretation of engineering drawings. Topics include assembly drawings, detail drawings, bill of materials, orthographic & isometric drawings, section views, detail views, dimensions and tolerances, clearance & interference fits, threaded fasteners, specifications and shop notes.

March 5, 12, 19 & 26       1 pm - 5 pm       $700

Inspection Using GD&T

Interpretation of GDT specifications and the practical application of these controls to inspection activities. Hands-on work will give the participants the perspective necessary to inspect common GDT controls such as form, orientation, position, and profile.

April 2, 9, 16 & 23       1 pm - 5 pm       $700

Precision Measurement

Proficiency in the use of hand-held precision measuring instruments. Students will learn to verify calibration of measuring tools, and to measure small manufactured parts using appropriate dexterity with the steel rule, the dial caliper and the micrometer.

April 30 & May 7       1 pm - 5 pm       $350

Introduction to Quality

This course challenges shop floor practitioners to take an active role in quality improvement by introducing Quality Management concepts and the impact of quality on the business model. An overview of common quality concepts, terminology and tools are presented, enabling participants to interpret basic reports so that connections can be made between quality goals and current performance.

May 14        8 am - 4 pm       $350

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