Innovation is woven into the fabric of the American spirit and has created the entrepreneurial drive that has made the U.S. a nation of tremendous wealth and opportunity. Organizations cannot expect to survive without constant innovation and a strategy that makes it part of the culture.

Business leaders all say that they know that a good strategy is the best way to drive profitable growth and they recognize that innovation and strategy are intrinsically intertwined. But studies show that 96% of leaders say they lack the time for strategic thinking or innovation.

If it’s so important, why don’t leaders take the time? ‘Too busy’, everyone says, but since the responsibilities that leaders have today are unlikely to diminish – leaders must take the time. Global competition, constant uncertainty and the speed of change demands that your organization has a strong and flexible strategy that includes creating a culture of innovation. It is critical.

Illinois BIS has helped thousands of companies thrive for 35 years. We can help you discover innovation potential and create the strategy and culture that will help you transform your company and provide the leadership system to sustain it.

Our advisor, Dr. Bruce Vojak, co-author of “Serial Innovators: How Individuals Create and Deliver Breakthrough Innovations in Mature Firms” is a leading authority on innovation. His broad and deep experience and expertise includes both industry leadership in strategic new product and process development and academic research.

Our customized consulting will help you learn how to:

  • Assess the extent to which your firm has an innovation-friendly culture
  • Identify, develop, recruit, and retain existing, proven innovators
  • Balance the needs of proven and aspiring innovators with the needs of other contributors in your company
  • Develop a plan to inspire and support innovators in your company
  • Combine your strategy for growth and profitability with your innovation strategy
  • Provide the leadership training for sustaining these capabilities

For a complimentary 2-hour assessment of your company’s current state, contact us to setup an appointment.

Grant Funding may be available for eligible companies.


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