Morning Seminars: Keys to Innovation


Is your organization tapping into your opportunity to innovate?


Workshops start September 24


Our NEW Morning Seminars: Keys to Innovation Series will answer practical questions about how to stir innovation in your organization.

Build Awareness about how innovation is improving companies and empowering employees with new ideas!

These quick, 2 and 4-hour sessions are a great way for owners, senior executives, management teams, innovation managers, and aspiring innovators to learn key tools for catalyzing innovation.

Our expert, Bruce Vojak, co-author of “Serial Innovators: How Individuals Create and Deliver Breakthrough Innovations in Mature Firms”, is a leading authority on innovation. His broad and deep experience and expertise includes both industry leadership in strategic new product and process development and academic research.

The Innovation Series of workshops consists of:

  1. Innovation: The Lifeblood of Business Success   -   September 24    (2 hours)
  2. Innovation Jumpstart: Lean Innovation   -   October 29    (4 hours)
  3. Innovation: The Executive's Critical Role   -   November 19    (2 hours)
  4. The Innovator's Toolkit   -   December 17     (4 hours)

All sessions are held at our training center in Naperville. You may take individual sessions, or the entire series. See pricing below.



An introduction to innovation and its value to the company. Introduces the "what" and "why" of innovation:

  • Product/business life cycle and how innovation either extends maturity or renews the business
  • Value proposition of innovation
  • Concepts of incremental and breakthrough innovation

Includes discussion of how to assess your company's innovation capability.

September 24, 2019         $99

7:30 am             Continental Breakfast

8 am - 10 am     Session



An introduction to lean innovation and its value to the company. Topics include:

  • Why innovate?
  • Why Lean Innovation?
  • Muda, Mura, Muri: The wasteful practices and their role in Lean Innovation
  • Implementing Lean Innovation

October 29, 2019         $189

7:30 am             Continental Breakfast

8 am - 12 pm     Session



Understand the executive-level commitment required to successfully support innovation. An exploration of the executive's role and responsibilities, including:

  • Establishing and sustaining both incremental and breakthrough innovation capabilities
  • Establishing and sustaining optimization and innovation-friendly cultures in tension with each other
  • Establishing and sustaining strategic focus
  • Developing the criteria necessary to hire the right people
  • A commitment to accept uncertainty while expecting defined outcomes.

November 19, 2019         $99

7:30 am             Continental Breakfast

8 am - 10 am     Session



Planning and preparing to transform. Identify and gain familiarity with a common set of innovation tools. These tools are designed to drive idea generation, identify opportunities and plan for execution. Topics include:

  • Stage-Gate Process
  • Fuzzy Front End of innovation
  • Design Thinking
  • Strategic innovation management

December 17, 2019         $189

7:30 am             Continental Breakfast

8 am - 12 pm     Session


Register 2 or more participants from one company, receive a 10% discount: $89 each (2-hour workshop) and $169 each (4-hour workshop). Sign up for all 4 workshops in the series, the cost is $489 and you will receive a copy of Bruce Vojak's book: “Serial Innovators: How Individuals Create and Deliver Breakthrough Innovations in Mature Firms”.



For more information, contact us at: (630) 505-0500 or

Customized onsite innovation training & consulting is also available. Contact us for details.

Please see the workshop schedule for all upcoming workshops.