Leadership, Strategy & Innovation

Why do some organizations fail while others succeed? Increased competition from foreign markets, price pressure and customer demands are facing every business sector, but some are winners and others are losers. Winning companies win because they have outstanding leaders who nurture and develop other leaders at every level in the organization. Illinois BIS has helped top management in companies transform the way they lead by offering customized training and guidance in a variety of areas including:

The Illinois BIS Leadership Development Program is designed to prepare leaders to tap into their leadership potential, and develop the skills required to build organizational focus, agility and strength through employee commitment and enthusiastic effort. This program has a solid track-record for increasing teamwork on the executive team.

To survive current market and economic conditions, companies must improve key business processes, maximize economic value, achieve focused accountability and develop a global sales strategy. Effective Strategy Planning is creating a vision of the future and managing toward expectancy.

This 24-hour program provides the Leadership training consistent with the Lean/Continuous Improvement System that is necessary to build a culture of customer-focused, high performing teamwork, agility, efficiency, and effectiveness. It is designed to unify the mission, values and goals of the company.

Data shows that 80% of the success of Lean initiatives is the result of a culture that supports teamwork, communication, common goals, and a culture of continuous improvement. The three principles of a true Lean Culture are: eliminate waste, continuous improvement, and respect for people. "Ask the people who DO the work, how best to improve how the work gets done." Illinois BIS has worked successfully with over one thousand organizations during the past thirty years on change initiatives.

Innovations such as increased speed, finding niche markets, improving quality, outsourcing and process improvements have served to keep U.S. manufacturers globally competitive. Topics include: Designing a Winning Innovation Strategy, How to Become a Serial Innovator, How to Implement a Process of Innovation, How to Measure Innovation Success.

With the reality of globalization and its impact on Illinois manufacturers, Illinois BIS offers tailored training and technical assistance services to help your business profit from the growth opportunities in the continually evolving global business environment. Services include: Review current global strategy, business model, business process, organizational assessment, market research, and assistance in growing export sales.

Who will lead the future in your business? This Executive Leadership Program is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of the next-generation of leaders in a manufacturing organization.

Participants will learn to maximize team productivity, drive breakthrough innovation, and secure a competitive edge for your company. Through hands-on exercises and dynamic discussions, they will learn key concepts and leadership best practices to help to master complex challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities. They will learn to build on their strengths, encourage introspection and self-discovery and apply what they learn immediately back at work.

Sessions will tie leadership development to real on-the-job projects that have a true business impact. This leadership-development program requires participants to apply their learnings directly in their organizations to address high-priority needs, i.e. accelerating a new product launch, negotiating an external collaboration, developing a lean implementation strategy or turning around a sales region.

The long-term success of any organization will be largely influenced by its leadership capabilities. This training will focus on implementing a process to identify organizational needs, assess individuals, and create plans for selecting and developing the next generation of leaders for the business.

Illinois BIS offers a full spectrum of programs designed to enhance both the people and practical skills required to be an effective supervisor. This Supervisory Development program focuses on best practices regarding managing people in today's workplace. Topics include: The Role of the Leader, Problem-Solving, Communication, Building Trust, Resolving Conflicts, Coaching, Time Management, Teamwork, Legal Aspects and Diversity.

CEOs are concerned about the skill-gap shortage that has begun, and it will accelerate as the population ages. As time moves on, there will be fewer employees with the knowledge and experience to lead effectively. Attitudes among young people have changed. Younger generations are a growing part of the workforce as the Baby Boomers leave. It is critical for managers to facilitate a shared understanding between generations of employees, so that teamwork and productivity can flourish and tribal knowledge can be transferred.

This Certificate Program is for high-potential employees that will have direct reports in 12-24 months.

The program provides employees who have leadership potential with the skills necessary to work effectively with others at all levels of the organization to achieve high performance. This high-engagement, experiential learning opportunity allows participants to learn by doing.

This training includes three components: Team Building, How to Run a Successful Quality Improvement Meeting, and Problem-Solving.

This dynamic and interactive program provides front-line and mid-level managers with essential skills to succeed. Focus is on traditional leadership competencies and strategies for overcoming hurdles women leaders face in the workplace.

Harassment is unwelcome conduct that is based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age, or disability. Harassment is a form of employment discrimination that violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Prevention is the best tool to eliminate harassment in the workplace. Learn the necessary steps to take to prevent and correct unlawful harassment in your workplace.

Including New Illinois Legal Requirements. Publicity about sexual harassment has had a profound impact on employment relations, and harassment claims remain at a high level. It is critical for employers and their key personnel to understand what sexual harassment is and is not, as well as the explosive ramifications of harassment claims.

Learn How to identify and prevent sexual harassment. Understand the impact of changing laws and fines, new training requirements under Illinois law, and explanation of legal concepts in practical terms. Also learn how to conduct an appropriate and effective investigation of a claim of harassment, eliminate or reduce employer risk and liability, and develop strategies for harassment prevention and fostering a positive culture.

The impact that hiring the right (or wrong) person can have is immense. Just one bad hiring decision can add significant cost to an organization - around 1.5 times that person's total compensation. Learn how to improve your hiring process and find the best people for your organization.

This training helps companies deliver more effective hands-on training through structured on-the-job training (S-OJT), providing a practical approach to help improve the job skills of all employees. Learn how using this approach can lead to reduced training times, fewer defects, and greater confidence among employees. S-OJT has been proven effective in a broad range of settings, especially for companies that must meet ISO, TS, FDA, and other quality management requirements.

(For Executives and Managers)

The only thing more difficult to find than a Breakthrough Innovator is someone who knows how to engage them to the benefit of their company. Learn the key behaviors of Breakthrough Innovators and then use this insight to learn how to effectively empower these innovators and their colleagues for the long-term success of the company.

Tools to drive renewal and financial success in your company. The drive to routinize innovation has gone too far; so far as to limit many mature companies' ability to innovate. In today's economy, with the future of so many mature firms on the line, this insight brings a clarion call to businesses to rethink how to nurture and thrive on a "people" perspective of innovation.

This approach zeros in on the cutting-edge individuals who repeatedly create and deliver breakthrough innovations in mature organizations. These employees are organizational powerhouses who solve customer problems and substantially (and disproportionately) contribute to the financial value to their firms. Author, Bruce Vojak refers to them as "Serial Innovators".

Help your supervisors communicate better with your Spanish-speaking workforce! The Illinois BIS approach to workplace Spanish is focused on learning specific, practical vocabulary to help supervisors communicate more effectively in the workplace.

• Understand how to bring out the best in people through respectful communication
• Understand your communication style and behavioral tendencies and how they impact other people
• Complete the DiSC Personal Profile and learn techniques for adapting your style to drive high performance and improve trust
• Understand how to determine the styles of others to be more effective
• Develop strategies for effective non-defensive communication and active listening

Note: It is strongly recommended that participants attend the Respectful Communication Skills workshop prior to attending Resolving Conflicts to be Effective in a High Performing Environment as elements of the DiSC style are explored in conflict resolution techniques.

• Learn techniques and steps for resolving conflict situations at work
• Understand the role of the leader in resolving conflict
• Start using the techniques to improve motivation and productivity for team building

Note: It is strongly recommended that participants attend the Respectful Communication Skills workshop prior to attending Resolving Conflicts to be Effective in a High Performing Environment as elements of the DiSC style are explored in conflict resolution techniques.

This unique course is designed for professionals who are doing business with China and need an introduction to Chinese culture, customers, etiquette and business language. The course emphasizes recognition and understanding of accepted cultural styles within the Chinese business environment.

It is important to have strong organizational support for the use of formal forecasting methods if they are to be used successfully. Lean Business Planning and Forecasting can be a simple, focused, agile and practical way to align your strategy, assumptions, and essential cash flow. Participants will learn: Business Planning in a Lean Manufacturing Environment, Sales Forecasting Frameworks and How to Increase Collaboration and Accountability for Developing and Executing the Sales Forecast.