Master Black Belt


Illinois BIS Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certificate Program


The Illinois BIS Master Black Belt Certificate Program is designed for professionals who have successfully completed the Illinois BIS Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Program having mastered the Body of Knowledge included in the Illinois BIS instructor-led, 160-hour program

A Master Black Belt is a technical leader who enables an organization to integrate Lean Six Sigma principles and methodologies in a horizontal process into its operations. The goal is to have MBBs give an organization the ability to be self-sustaining in its Lean Six Sigma (LSS) deployment.

This program is a customized, on-site LSS project implementation process that is conducted at the candidate’s work location. The objective of the program is to provide hands-on coaching, mentoring and project review to the MBB to support overall project success and cost savings.

To be eligible for the Certificate, the candidate’s work location must commit to the following:

  1. Lean Six Sigma Champion Training for Top Management to understand their role and responsibility in supporting the Overall Management System required for successful implementation.
  2. Up-front agreement from Top Management that the necessary resources will be provided to the MBB to ensure success.
  3. Project Selection Process must be agreed upon to provide significant cost savings.

The MBB candidate must complete 3 projects that clearly document substantial cost savings, waste elimination, and/or process innovation that can be measured based on before-and-after metrics. The MBB must also pass a comprehensive test at the conclusion of the 3 projects. The Illinois BIS Coach will provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Project Selection
  • Project Scope, People, Process
  • Training of Teams to lead to a higher level of understanding when needed
  • Project Review on a Weekly Basis to help keep the Teams on track

This instruction and support will develop Master Black Belts to be leaders of future projects and will give them the capacity to engage the entire organization in the continuous improvement effort as a way of life.

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