Professional Development

Illinois BIS provides specific training in a variety of professional development areas to keep employees up to date with the latest business skills and practices. Whether your employees need to prepare for professional certifications, IT applications training, or numerous other skill development opportunities, Illinois BIS can help. Training areas include:

This training is designed for project leaders, engineers, managers, technicians, administrators, and anyone responsible for tracking the status of single or multiple projects. It is designed as a prep course for those individuals planning to take the PMP®'s Project Management certification examination.

Every participant receives a copy of "A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge" (PMPBOK® Guide), Fifth Edition, and PMP Exam Prep materials.

This training is designed for individuals who have little to no experience managing projects, those who feel the need to strengthen their project management skill sets, and those who support project managers and project teams. Participants will learn how to: assess the project's environment to determine the right tools to use when managing the project, plan a project to achieve success and use important tools to successfully manage, execute, and control the project.

Relationships with customers (both external and internal) can make or break an organization today. This action-packed session makes active listening, influencing, persuading and negotiating ideas come alive with powerful application, using role-plays that relate to actual customer-focused situations that occur in your company. Participants will learn and practice specific techniques for powerfully persuading others.

This class offers a comprehensive review of practical financial concepts and skills to help participants become better managers. Learn how to apply the basic financial principles critical to plan budgets, justify requests, improve communication with financial personnel, contribute to financial decisions and better understand the impact of financial expectations and performance.

Recent studies have indicated that Inventory Optimization is a major goal of Supply Chain Management strategies. But it's so much more than just software systems. It's all about a relationship management system with key suppliers with the overall objective of lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Learn the techniques needed to have a robust collaboration with your external providers.

This workshop is designed for those individuals who are involved in managing the supply chain, including those who are involved in "make versus buy" decisions, evaluating and selecting suppliers, establishing contracts with suppliers, negotiating and working with suppliers on a regular basis.

These courses will educate professionals on concepts, and strategies related to demand management, procurement and supplier planning, material requirements planning, capacity requirements planning, sales and operations planning, master scheduling, performance measurements, supplier relationships, quality control, and continuous improvement. Topics include:

Basics of Supply Chain Management
Basics of Supply chain Management is an introductory course for production and inventory personnel and CPIM candidates. This course provides the basic concepts of managing the complete flow of materials in a supply chain from suppliers to customers in the manufacturing, distribution, service, and retail industries.

Master Planning of Resources
This course focuses on the processes used to develop sales and operations plans and how to identify and assess internal and external demand and forecasting requirements. Participants will learn the importance of producing master schedules that reflect business objectives.

Detailed Scheduling and Planning
This course focuses on techniques for material and capacity scheduling. Participants will learn the principles of material requirements planning (MRP), capacity requirements planning (CRP), inventory management practices, and procurement and supplier planning.

Execution and Control of Operations
This course focuses on the mechanics of prioritizing and sequencing work, executing work plans and implementing controls, reporting activity results, and providing performance feedback. Participants will learn techniques for scheduling and controlling production processes, the execution of quality initiatives and continuous improvement plans, and the control and handling of inventories.

Strategic Management of Resources
This course covers the relationship of business operations, processes and technologies to manufacturing strategy and supply chain functions. Participants will learn how to align resources with the strategic plan, configure and integrate operating processes to support the strategic plan, and implement change.

Learn to develop and deliver presentations that your audience will enjoy and remember. Create dynamic, well-organized presentations and deliver them using highly-effective speaking techniques.

The ability to write clear and effective reports, memos, email and other documents is essential in today's increasingly global and rapidly changing business world. Emphasis is placed on identifying and addressing the needs of different audiences, writing with clarity, and managing electronic communications efficiently.

The Professional English Program at Illinois BIS is designed for non-native English speaking executives and professionals who are working in the United States. Illinois BIS helps participants improve a full range of communication skills in order to work more effectively in the areas of: technical and business writing, oral communication, professional etiquette & business culture, presentation skills, accent reduction, and American business jargon.

The ability to write clear, concise reports, procedures, instructions, and other technical documents is essential for successful businesses. This training will enable you to: Plan and write a variety of technical documents, Communicate easily with nontechnical audiences, and Write clearly, concisely, and correctly.

Illinois BIS provides applications training for:

  • Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word: All levels
  • Data Analysis with PivotTables and Power Pivot
  • Power BI: Desktop & Power Query, Online, Interactive Data Visualizations
  • Office 365 including Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, Planner and Delve
  • SharePoint: Site Owner, Site User
  • Visio: All levels
Computer Skills Training - Increase the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of your employees by offering On-Site Microsoft Office Training.

Employees who demonstrate outstanding and professional customer service skills can greatly enhance customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Participants will learn the skills and winning strategies needed to successfully interact with internal and external customers. Topics include: The Business Value of Customer Service, Communication Styles and Strategies, Dealing with Difficult Customers.

This training features comprehensive digital marketing topics including: Digital Marketing Strategy, Website Design for Business Managers, Email Marketing, Online Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Content Strategy, Email & Inbound Marketing, Augmented and Virtual Reality for B2B Marketers, Digital Advertising, Content Strategy & Social Media Marketing.

BIS has partnered with the marketing firm DeanHouston+ to offer our customers this training to build their knowledge around Digital Marketing in Business-to-Business communications.

The ability to write clear and effective instructions, reports, and other technical documents is essential for businesses today. This hybrid writing course combines online learning with a workshop session, providing flexible scheduling and face-to-face instruction. You will learn to write clear, concise, well-designed documents that get results. This class meets for eight hours in person and eight hours online.

The rules for business writing have changed. Much of our correspondence is global and electronic, so it is more important than ever to write effectively, efficiently and professionally. This hybrid course combines online learning with a workshop session, providing flexible scheduling and face-to-face instruction. You will learn to write clear and concise email, identify and correct the most common writing errors, and convey a professional tone in your written words. This class meets for eight hours in person and eight hours online.

The Professional English Program at Illinois BIS is designed for non-native English speaking executives and professionals who are working in the US. This hybrid course combines online learning with an onsite session, providing flexible scheduling and face-to-face instruction. You will improve communication skills to improve proficiency in: technical and business writing, accent and pronunciation, professional etiquette, and American business culture. This class meets for eight hours in person and eight hours online.

Work instructions require careful planning and design, but great instructions are the pathway to incremental improvement - the cornerstone of Lean manufacturing. Implementing standard instructions is key to reducing variation and improving quality. Additionally, written work instructions are an essential training tool for new employees. This class teaches you how to capture best work practices, clearly document them, and create well-designed instructions that get results. This class meets for eight hours in person and eight hours online.