On-Site CONSULTING Services

Illinois BIS also provides a range of customized additional services for your organization including development and delivery of customer and company surveys, and skills assessments. In addition, Illinois BIS is an excellent resource for organizations needing assistance with company training program development and job aids. A partial list of our services includes:

If you are looking to develop: your next generation leaders, new managers you need to step up and truly lead, your good tactical performers with poor people skills, the teamwork of your top management team, a confidential sounding board to deal with business and people problems, an accountability system which drives performance, develops people, and supports innovation. We can help you.

For over 30 years Illinois BIS consultants have coached hundreds of executives in successful organizations. Our experience and process provide a comprehensive personal assessment to increase self-awareness, realistic and actionable goals, and a practical development plan with regular coaching sessions.

Typical Goals:
Improve communication skills and ability to bring out the best in people, Improve skills and process to manage and resolve high stakes conflict, Learn techniques to hold people accountable without micromanaging, Understand financial management (balance sheets, forecasting, costs control, etc.), Balance day-to-day management responsibility with long-term strategy, Learn how to coach employees to improved performance, Lead top executives to commit to common goals and pull together to achieve those goals.

Do you need immediate help updating and improving your Quality Systems? We can establish, implement and improve your Quality Management Systems for you!

Our flexible approach to survey design ensures your organization receives answers to the questions that are important to you. Quality certifications such as ISO 9001, AS 9100, and ISO/TS 16949, require collection of feedback from customers. Acting as an independent third party, our standardized approach to surveying ensures an objective and valid approach to data collection.

Assessments serve two purposes: 1) to identify the skill level of the individual so that an appropriate training plan can be developed; and 2) to establish a benchmark from which subsequent training can be measured.

Research shows that the more satisfied your employees are, the more satisfied your customer. Employee culture surveys help gauge the feelings of your employees. The strict confidence with which we handle responses increases participation and the candor with which employees share their written comments.

We can help you design a customized, organization-wide training program to meet your specific objectives.

Development of critical procedure documentation is an effective performance support tool that assists you in ensuring that all of your employees have access to critical information in a format that is easy to understand. In cooperation with your employees, Illinois BIS can produce a comprehensive manual or job aid that documents your key equipment and processes.

This program is targeted toward executives and professionals who wish to refine their English communication. Speaking, writing and presentation skills are evaluated and a customized learning plan is tailored to individual needs. Focus areas may include: Improve accent and fluency in speaking, Optimize speech inflection, rate, articulation and volume, Write clearly and concisely, Present confidently and professionally, Use culturally appropriate business etiquette.

Your business needs a cybersecurity strategy to protect confidential client data against all threat actors. Learn how to take the necessary steps to protect your data. This Security Series is presented by our partner, Webit Services and includes:

1. Address Your Security Weak Links
2. Are the Keys to Your Business for sale on the Dark Web?
3. Penetration Testing - How Hackable is Your Business?
4. Where's the Risk (Assessment)?
5. Backups and Business Continuity - The Forgotten Piece of Security