Lean / Six Sigma

The Illinois BIS Lean and Six Sigma methodologies work together as a combined long-term business strategy that can produce exceptional results. Lean focuses on improving efficiency by identifying and eliminating waste, improving flow, implementing pull and continuously improving the value stream. Six Sigma focuses on how to improve effectiveness by reducing variation, eliminating rework, and controlling processes. Lean defines and establishes the value flow improving process speed, and Six Sigma brings the process under statistical control to make the value flow smoothly. Training includes:

The Lean and Six Sigma methodologies work together as a combined long-term business strategy that can produce exceptional results. The purpose of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification program is to prepare Team leaders to lead and implement improvement projects using the proven DMAIC methodology, and Lean Tools.

The Illinois BIS Master Black Belt Certificate Program is designed for professionals who have successfully completed the Illinois BIS Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Program having mastered the Body of Knowledge included in the Illinois BIS instructor-led, 160-hour program.

A Master Black Belt is a technical leader who enables an organization to integrate Lean Six Sigma principles and methodologies in a horizontal process into its operations. The goal is to have MBBs give an organization the ability to be self-sustaining in its Lean Six Sigma (LSS) deployment.

Six Sigma Green Belt Training is a hands-on program designed for those team members who will actually implement the projects identified as improvement opportunities. This class will teach you how to apply the DMAIC process to your own work processes. Homework assignments may include implementation of the project at your company site.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt will help you understand the fundamentals of the DMAIC process, which is the foundation of Six Sigma. It forces a focus on customers through addressing defects. Six Sigma also causes you to align processes with customers, resulting in greater loyalty and retention. Participants will gain a basic understanding of six sigma and could serve as a members of a DMAIC team under the direction of a Six Sigma Black Belt.

Six Sigma Champion Training is a hands-on program, designed to give an overview to managers who will direct the organization-wide improvement approach. Champion Training provides a general framework that helps make significant, but not necessarily radical improvement to processes that are not performing up to customer desires.

There are two basic types of Six Sigma Methods: 1) The Improvement Method (usually denoted by DMAIC), and 2) the Creation Method (often denoted by DFSS).

The DMAIC Method uses tools and techniques to find and fix root causes of an existing process that is experiencing poor quality. The DFSS Method designs the product or process right in the first place. Sometimes DFSS is needed even on an existing design or process, if it is so broken that DMAIC Improvement efforts deliver insufficient results.

The DFSS method will optimize a design across all critical customer requirements at once. It is less costly to Design For Six Sigma upfront, rather than try to fix a bad design later on.

This 24-hour program provides the Leadership training consistent with the Lean/Continuous Improvement System that is necessary to build a culture of customer-focused, high performing teamwork, agility, efficiency, and effectiveness. It is designed to unify the mission, values and goals of the company.

Data shows that 80% of the success of Lean initiatives is the result of a culture that supports teamwork, communication, common goals, and a culture of continuous improvement. The three principles of a true Lean Culture are: eliminate waste, continuous improvement, and respect for people. “Ask the people who DO the work, how best to improve how the work gets done.” Illinois BIS has worked successfully with over one thousand organizations during the past thirty years on change initiatives.

Illinois BIS works with our partner organizations to integrate the proven ideas of leadership of people, lean enterprise, and innovation into a step-by-step methodology. Organizations that have implemented the Illinois BIS System are thriving.

Our experience in hundreds of organizations provides the evidence that Lean Systems Thinking can work in any organization, whether it is manufacturing, health care, financial institutions, service industries, union or non-union; anywhere there is a transaction.

The Lean tools and methodologies, when used effectively, solve real problems and make improvements in the way work is performed at each level in the organization, in each activity, in real time, at the root cause.

The Illinois BIS approach is 'hands-on' and customized to meet the specific needs of each organization. We follow a 'learn by doing' approach so that your employees participate in each and every improvement that is made at every level of the organization, saving money, eliminating waste, and delighting customers.

This program is designed to address, in detail, the tools and techniques you need to implement Lean in your organization. Instead of merely learning and applying one or two tools of Lean, learn all the techniques to ensure you can use the correct approach for your company's unique situation.

This training combines classroom discussion, simulations and case studies to help ensure you understand not only what each technique is, but also how to apply it to a real-life situation. The program allows you to cover all the Lean topics in less than 3 months.

Topics Include:

  • Lean Overview
  • Creating a Lean Culture
  • A3 Problem Solving
  • Visual Management / 5S and Mistake Proofing
  • Set Up Reduction and TPM
  • Value Stream Mapping / Running a Lean Event

After the program concludes, we can continue to help with on-site implementation or audit assistance.

It has been said that Lean is 80% culture and 20% tools, yet many organizations send a few people to learn some tools of Lean and then wonder why their successes fall short of expectations. Lean is not merely a collection of specialized tools, it is a socio-technical system that starts with top management's understanding of the entire process. As Deming said, providing constancy of purpose and substituting leadership for slogans are the best ways to transform the organization. After attending this training, you will understand what is required to implement Lean practices in your organization and how to overcome many common obstacles faced in the Lean transformation.

Learn the A3 Process to help engage in collaborative, in-depth problem-solving. It is an extremely simple tool, used by Toyota, to empower every employee to solve problems, using a simple model and reporting method. The A3 approach drives problem-solvers to address the root causes of problems which surface every day. The A3 Process can be used for almost any situation. When used properly, the chances of success improve dramatically.

Using the Proven Lean Six Sigma Tools and Methodology, this intensive 64-hour certificate program will give participants a hands-on, learn-by-doing experience applying Lean Six Sigma Principles and Tools for the Healthcare environment. The concepts taught are tailored to the healthcare industry, including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, physician practices, laboratories and other healthcare services.