Technical Apprenticeship Programs


On-site Technical Apprenticeship Programs

According to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the skilled worker gap continues to grow and the shortage is most prevalent in high-tech jobs. As journeymen and managers retire, there is a growing need for organizations to develop a highly skilled workforce.

Is your company prepared?

Illinois BIS’ On-site Technical Apprenticeship Programs are customized and designed to be a part of your company’s succession-planning strategy. These competencybased, comprehensive training programs are hands-on, will significantly improve the technical skills of your employees, and will be sustainable into the future.

Customized Apprenticeship Certificate Programs Include:

  • Maintenance Professional
  • Process Improvement Specialist
  • Machining Technician
  • Welding Technician

The objective of the Illinois BIS apprenticeship certificate programs is to fill gaps in the skills and knowledge of your current employees. Steps to develop and deliver the programs:

  • Step 1 - Analysis
  • Step 2 - Curriculum Design
  • Step 3 - Training
  • Step 4 - Evaluation

On-the-job assignments for each module include actual job performance under the supervision of an experienced technician.

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